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Rawhide is not technically "leather", as it has not gone through a tanning process like real leather.  Rawhide is stiffer and more brittle than other forms of leather, and is primarily used in drum and tambourine making where it does not need to flex significantly; it is also cut up into strips for use in lacing or stitching.   We stock a range of rawhide including kangaroo, goat, deer, cow and camel.  Please contact us for a quote on other types as not always available. 

In kangaroo we generally keep in stock Small, Medium & Large, subject to availability.  You can purchase rawhides through our retail store here.  For more than 4 skins please contact us for a better price.


Kangaroo Rawhide - Click Image to CloseLarge Kangaroo Rawhide-Purchase below...Picture is example only.

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