.WELCOME to Simon Martin Whips

www.kangarooleather.com.au is owned by Simon Martin Whips.  Simon has had over 18 years experience in the leather industry and saw a need for a website specializing in kangaroo leather.  Simon established Simon Martin Whips in 2004 and has seen a steady growth in the business since www.kangarooleather.com.au was established in 2008.

 Simon says "As a whipmaker, I found that myself and others were struggling to get a good supply of quality skins and I saw a need to source skins for others that I would also be happy to use myself."

As well as specializing for whipmakers and Plaiters we also source hides for drum makers (Rawhide), wallet makers, Falconers and other craftsmen.   By dealing direct with skin dealers and having hides contract tanned we are able to be competitive with the tanneries, but as leatherworkers we know how to grade the leather for your benefit.

Please  contact us for a quote on your leather needs.

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