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.from Tasmania, Australia.

 A Kangaroo dead  and alive.


There are estimated to be over 55 million kangaroos in Australia and of these only about 3.5 million are harvested every year.  Kangaroos are one of the most populated wild animals in the world.  All our kangaroo skins are harvested sustainably and there will not ever be a threat to the species due to the large areas of  National Parks and Reserves that act as a safety refuge for kangaroos.  It is a known fact that after years of severe drought kangaroos can increase their population by over 100% within 12months and it is actually good for the kangaroos to be managed so that they are not overpopulated.


 Having a good reputation on the internet is very important. We will do our best to make sure every customer gets honest, reliable, and quality service.  If you have any feedback for us we would be happy to hear it.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.


Please don't ask us to send your products as a gift or to lower value to escape custom charges.  Customs charges will apply on entry into most countries, so you may want to check the regulations in your country before purchasing.  USA has a free trade aggreement with Australia.

 All Kangaroo Leather and Kangaroo products sold on this website are harvested in accordance with the Department of the Environment and Heritage. 

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